School Closure Update

Dear Waterloo Catholic Community –

As you know we have commenced our well-deserved Christmas Break and we hope that for each of you, it is starting as well as it can under our current circumstances. No doubt you are likely also aware, the Premier of the Province has indicated that the return to school in January will be remote. That is, on January 4th both our elementary and our secondary students will begin the new year learning virtually. The decision is being made out of an abundance of caution. We know our schools are safe. The cases of COVID are not starting, nor are they spreading, in our schools, but we are a reflection of the community. Closing the schools to in person learning for the early part of January will help us contain the cases that come into schools and ensure that when we return to our buildings, we are doing so in the safest manner possible.

Our elementary schools will return to face-to-face learning on Monday January 11th, 2021 and our secondary schools will return to face to face learning on Monday January 25th, 2021.

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Christmas Letter from Director Loretta Notten

Dear Waterloo Catholic Community –

As I write this letter we sit on the cusp of our Christmas break and perhaps more than ever, we can all appreciate the need for a pause. It is a true testament to everyone in the entire WCDSB community that we made it to Christmas with all our schools still open and thriving, despite the reality of the pandemic. The number of cases in our schools has grown, reflecting where we are as a region, but in all circumstances, the cases are quickly resolved and all affected individuals return to school in a short period of time. We have had very, very few cases of “outbreak” which is defined as 2 or more related cases in a school. So, on behalf of all – thank you for your ongoing efforts which have made the school re-opening process possible, and for adhering to public health and safety measures that have ensured schools remain a safe place for our students and staff.

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Letter to Full School Community

Dear Parents / Guardians:

A case of COVID-19 has been identified at St. Gregory CES.  Public Health has identified one classroom as high-risk contacts.

 All high-risk students and staff are required to self-isolate at home. 

 Individuals in the affected class have been immediately notified by the school and Public Health is in the process of contacting all high risk contacts of the positive case by end of the business day tomorrow, and will provide individual guidance to them.

 At this point in time, all other students and staff can continue to attend school and are advised to self-monitor for symptoms and seek testing if symptoms develop. 

 Please know that St. Gregory staff – as well as staff at our school board head office – are working with Region of Waterloo Public Health to prevent further spread of COVID-19 in students, staff and the community.

A Note About School Cleaning Processes

Upon confirmation from Public Health that one or more individuals at a school site have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, Facility Services will be notified as soon as reasonably possible.  Members from the Facilities team will make arrangements to disinfect school spaces as deemed necessary.  This is typically done after school ends for the day and before school begins the next day.  However, in some cases, depending on the timing of notification and size of the school, disinfection may occur at the beginning of the school day.

Disinfection involves the use of standard cleaning products available in your school, plus one or more high speed disinfection units.  A disinfection unit is used to ‘mist’ surfaces with a chemical called Clorox Total 360.  The product needs to sit on a surface and air dry for it to be fully effective.  It has been reviewed by our staff and has been deemed safe when used as directed.

Custodial and maintenance staff who apply the mist will be wearing full PPE including masks, goggles, and gloves.  Classroom spaces are safe to occupy after the chemical has been applied.

A video of product application can be found here:

What does this mean for students at the school?

  • Public Health will work with the school to identify high risk student and staff contacts of the confirmed case.
  • Parents/guardians of students who have been identified as high risk contacts of a confirmed case will be contacted directly by Region of Waterloo Public Health and provided specific directions related to the need for the student to self-isolate and get tested
  • Parents/guardians of students who have been identified as low risk contacts of a confirmed case will not be contacted directly by Public Health and are not required to self-isolate. The school will provide general information for these students and families.
    • Students and families who have been identified as low risk contacts of the case should self-monitor for symptoms
    • Students who develop symptoms should self-isolate at home and get tested at an Assessment Centre
  • In the event a cohort must self-isolate or the school must close, you will be notified by the school. The school will keep you informed about any plans regarding return to school.
    • The term cohort includes students and staff in the same class, students involved in group activities or who have been in shared spaces during school, students that ride the same bus, attend before/after school care, or participate in extracurricular programming together.
  • Continue to monitor and screen your child for symptoms of COVID-19 daily.

What is COVID-19?

  • COVID-19 is a new strain of coronavirus that has not previously been identified in humans
  • COVID-19 symptoms include, but are not limited to fever, cough, trouble breathing, sore throat or nasal congestion.  A list of symptoms, including atypical signs and symptoms, can be also be found in the ‘COVID-19 Reference Document for Symptoms’ on the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 website
  • People may be able to pass COVID-19 to others from 48 hours before symptoms begin to 14 days after the start of symptoms

Additional COVID-19 resources can be found on Region of Waterloo Public Health’s COVID-19 webpage at

Buses Cancelled and Schools Closed Tuesday December 1st

Due to the current weather conditions ALL SCHOOL BUSES, TAXIS AND SPECIAL EDUCATION ROUTES operated by the Waterloo Catholic District School Board and Waterloo Region District School Board are cancelled.

All WCDSB and WRDSB schools and sites are CLOSED and it will be a Remote Learning Day.

St. Gregory’s Mass Schedule

Dear Parishioners and Visitors,

As people of faith at Saint Gregory’s Parish we are called to celebrate our God. It is during the Christmas
season that we remember a great gift; God became man to save us from sin and eternal death. The world no
longer must be a place of darkness and, as Christians who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, we are called to
spread kindness, hope, and joy wherever we go. May God bless you with His Peace and Joy during this
wonderful season.

Christmas Schedule 2020

Thank You Cambridge Bingo Center

Through partnership with the Cambridge Bingo and Gaming, we have raised $54,426.18.  Funds raised have been used to help support our books for our library / learning commons.  Continued support of Cambridge Bingo benefits us all.

2020 ………… 4,469.66

2019 ………… 11,580.05

2018 ………… 11,682.50

2017 ………… 9,573.63

2016 ………… 6,669.82

2015 …………. 4,774.39

2014 …………. 5,676.13

Total Proceeds Raised  …. 54,426.18



An Explanation of “Parents Off Our Yard Keep Kids Safe”

Dear Parent and or Guardian;

You may be wondering why the “Parents Off Our Yard Keep Kids Safe” message was placed on our boulevard sign?

Not only is it relevant to our current world circumstances however prior to our pandemic the same message has been shared in order to keep all, including your children safe.  Our policy has always been that parents drop-off and or meet/pick-up their children at our yellow gates and or the Church parking lot. During dismissal in particular, school staff assigned to supervision sweep students off our yard / playground and move with them towards our pick-up locations.

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Be Great Week Nov 16th-20th

Here’s how we are honouring Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week at St. Gregory’s.

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October Update from Director Notten

Dear Waterloo Catholic Community –

We hope that you are well in body, mind and spirit. We know that can be challenging in these times but we hope that you are drawing energy from our students, and from their experience of being re-engaged in their learning and forging new friendships, while rekindling old ones. Every day we hear stories and bear witness to the good work of our staff, and we know that they are making a difference to all the students we serve. The purpose of this letter is to share a few brief updates and then offer an invitation.

October Update to WCDSB and TE Invite Oct 27th 20

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