NEWSWIRE: All Waterloo Catholic District School Board Schools Closed on Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA) has announced that all of its members will be engaging in a one-day strike on Thursday, March 5, 2020. This decision affects all Catholic district school boards in Ontario.

As a result of this strike, all Waterloo Catholic District School Board elementary and secondary schools will be closed on March 5.

OECTA’s previously announced job actions will remain in effect before and after March 5.

As before, we remain hopeful the two sides will return to the bargaining table quickly and will come to a fair and respectful agreement that serves the best interests of our students.

NEWSWIRE: February 25, 2020

Dear Parents / Caregivers:

Shortly before 12:00pm this afternoon, there was a request by Waterloo Region Police for our school to invoke a “Hold and Secure” protocol as a precautionary measure based on an incident that was occurring out in the greater community (not at the school).  Our staff ensured that all students were immediately brought into the school and into their classrooms safely and were in our supervised care.  We received confirmation shortly thereafter that we could resume our regular routines through to the end of the school day.

We’d like to thank Constable Fearon and the teamwork of the Waterloo Region Police force for their expert direction today.

Newswire Update: Monday, February 24 2020

Dear Parents / Caregivers:

Shortly before 2:00pm this afternoon, there was a discovery of a ‘burning rubber’ smell coming from the school boiler room.  There was slight smoke in the air.  The decision was made to evacuate the school and phone the fire department.  The fire department reviewed the area, indicated it was a faulty rubber washer, cleared the air, approved the air readings and permitted students to return into the school at 2:45pm.  During this time, the students were cared for within the warmth of St. Gregory the Great Catholic Parish.

We’d like to thank Cambridge Fire for their fast response and Father Malcolm and the Parish Team for accommodating us so quickly.

See you tomorrow!

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