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Newsletter Term 2 May 2020






Hello Parents, Guardians, Caregivers and Community Members –

We are a people of Hope – Our hope is alive!  Join us on Twitter #HawksforHope and let’s get trending!










& We all hope this communication finds you and your families well and settling into some more familiar routines.  We are sending this message to you with a genuine invitation to stay connected with our Staff while we are away from the school building.  Each member of our extended Staff team (there are 29 of us!) is working behind the scenes with your child’s Teacher to build meaningful communication during this transition to Educator-Led Learning and to do a thorough cleansing of our school building.  We are working together, we are planning together, we are reaching out together.  We miss you!  We are here for you!  #CalledToBelong, #ConnectedTogether














We send this message of Hope to each of you as we conclude our Catholic Education Week #IgnitingHope celebrations:  Hope in Christ, Hope Within Us, Hope Among Us, Hope for the World, and the Future Full of Hope.  During the week of May 3 to May 8, 2020, school boards within our Diocese celebrated the significant contribution that Catholic Education has made to the community, the province and to Canada. The theme for this week is Igniting Hope. We invite you to watch Bishop Crosby’s message:

Catholic Education Week 2020 | Igniting Hope

2020 Catholic Education Week Letter May 4






Learning will be continuing, and students are invited to engage in the activities that your Classroom Teacher will be providing.  Your Classroom Teacher will be letting you know which subjects will become the focus of your learning.  We invite you to do the very best you can with these activities and to keep in contact with your Classroom Teacher about your progress.

Important Dates





To Be Rebooked          Graduation Photos [SK & Gr8] & Siblings

To Be Rebooked          First Holy Communion[Gr2]

His Excellency, Bishop Crosby, has been in touch with our parish community to announce that all Sacraments have been cancelled.  Once we have heard further news, we will post updated information.

CTV and WE Join Together to Close Out the School Year and Honour Canadian Student Change

Makers with WE CELEBRATE: CLASS OF 2020 Featuring Host Lilly Singh, along with Selena Gomez, Brett Kissel, Shawn Mendes, Shay Mitchell, Natalie Portman and Jacob Tremblay – One-hour primetime special WE CELEBRATE: CLASS of 2020 airs Saturday, June 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT exclusively on CTV.

The St. Greg staff is currently working behind the scenes with staff from other schools to engage in planning for Graduation events.  We will send updates as soon as our planning begins to pull together these events.  We have been in touch with Edge Imaging to inquire about the potential for Grad Photos, however, at this time they have not as of yet been given permission by the Province to re-open.  We’ll post to you updates as soon as they become available.


Welcome to Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools

We are accepting registrations online!

Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools have been offering quality, inclusive, faith based education to the Region for over 183 years. We have 43 Elementary Schools, 5 Secondary Schools and our St. Louis Adult Learning and Continuing Education Centres, to meet the needs of all learners. Our Catholic schools are the heart of the community, where we strive for success for each and a place for all.






We are working behind the scenes to create a Welcome to Kindergarten information package for our Junior Kindergarten registrants.  We will be in touch soon once this information has been finalized.  Looking forward to ‘meeting’ you all!









…from the office of Judy Merkel, Superintendent of Learning

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board wishes to extend our best wishes for a most blessed Mother’s Day! We would love to honour all the women who support and nurture our most precious gift, the students of WCDSB! During this time we realize that heading out to purchase a token of appreciation is not possible so with this consideration we would ask that you please have your child open the following link and present the “gift” wherein to you!  Happy Mother’s Day!

WCDSB Coupon Book

WCDSB Coupon Book Fill in Date


















Our school playground is currently closed.









All of our perishable & non-perishable food has successfully been transferred out of our school to the Cambridge Foodbank – a huge thank you to Julie Silva for her leadership to ensure our families in need are able to make good use of this food.  If you would like to help volunteer with the Breakfast program once the school re-opens to ensure everything is ready to go for our return, please contact Jacquie Wettlaufer .  Nutrition for Learning is continuing food distribution to our families via neighbourhood ‘pop up snacks’.  Schedules/locations can be access via .  All are invited to engage with this vital service.

Response to COVID-19 Closing of SCHOOLS
to ensure access of healthy food and snacks for hungry children

In response to COVID 19 on our school community who cannot access student nutrition at schools while they are closed Nutrition for Learning has responded by delivering food to various school locations in Waterloo Region to ensure students can continue to be able to access essential nutritious snacks and food items while schools are closed.  Each morning starting at time and location to be posted on the Nutrition for Learning website and social media channels our Nutrition for Learning vehicles have been providing free nutritious snacks.


Monday May 11:  Route 1

Stewart Ave Public School 9 am
Chalmers Street School 9:30 am
Monsignor Doyle Secondary School 10 am
Central Public School 10:30 am
Saint Andrew’s Public School 11 am
Southwood Secondary School 11:30 am






The Cambridge Gaming Center is currently closed.  If you would like to be a BINGO volunteer, after the center reopens, this is an invitation to complete an Online Training Module.  Typically, St. Gregory CES hosted sessions are on Friday afternoons (12:00 – 3:00pm).  Please contact Jacquie Wettlaufer to gain access to this online training.  Once complete and the center reopens, you will be contacted for ‘on the floor’ shadowing to build your volunteer skills.







May Umbrella Skill Focus:  Optimism

Positive reframing means trying to reconsider a perspective in a more positive light and often, when practiced, will become a habit of the way things are always looked at.  Realistic optimism mixes the belief that good things will happen with the knowledge that obstacles are a part of life and should be prepared for. It helps us link our dreams to the steps we will need to take to achieve them and helps us create a plan. Success can be challenging and if we defeat ourselves in our minds with a negative outlook before we get started it can really hurt our chances of reaching our goals.

Lead by example to inspire others to use their umbrellas.

Everyone has a unique umbrella shaped by the experiences of life. Some are big. Some are small. Others have holes or have been forgotten at home.  In a time when there is much we can’t control we want to help you focus on what you can. We encourage you to take our Umbrella Assessment to check in with your well-being and put focus into the Umbrella Skills that need a little more attention during this time. If you’re comfortable, share your strongest Umbrella Skills and the skill you want to work on using the hashtag #MyUmbrella on your social media. Continue to #WeatherTheStorm. We’re in this together.


2020 Certification Update

In response to the serious directives around COVID-19 across the country, including the ongoing prolonged closure of all schools across Canada, EcoSchools Canada has developed a strategy to support and recognize schools certifying with the program this year.

In determining the best way to proceed, we have considered many possible scenarios, and have surveyed our community to ensure that this decision is based on your feedback. Our priority is to develop a response guided by the following criteria:

Equitable for all schools registered in the 2019-2020 EcoSchools Canada program

Clear and simple to implement (i.e., not technically difficult, easy to communicate)

Recognizes achievement and participation in the EcoSchools program, regardless of how much an application has been completed

Maintains certification, so there is not a gap in certification for the year

  • Low-stressfor school staff/students in an already stressful time
  • Maintains integrityof the certification program
  • Celebratory of all EcoSchools, this has been a hard year and we should celebrate our wins and successes

How certification will work this year:

We have developed a plan that aims to support all stakeholders and their unique situations, including teachers, students, schools, boards/districts, as well as EcoSchools Canada.

  • This year, all schools that registered with the EcoSchools program will receive a Special Edition 2019-2020 EcoSchools Canada seal. The seal will be sent to schools in 2019-2020 with fun suggestions on how to celebrate your achievements.
  • This seal will be given to all schools regardless of what level of certification they were aiming to achieve, their certification history, or how much of their application was completed. No further work or uploads are required by schools for their online application this year.
  • All schools will be able to refer to their school as “certified” for the 2019-2020 school year.

Despite all the challenges schools and the EcoSchools community have faced this year, we are heartened by your incredible dedication and continued commitment to environmental learning and action.

Please stay tuned to our website and twitter for more up to date messages – Have a Blessed Mother’s Day!

NEWSWIRE: May Updates from St. Gregory The Great Catholic Parish

2020-05-03 Bulletin

Greeting St. Gregory Catholic Community from Father Malcolm & Miss Maria,

Hoping and praying that everyone is safe and healthy.  We ask for your continued prayers for each other.

Lots to read with this email.


Pope Francis praying the Rosary _

The month of May has been concentrated by Pope Francis as the month of Mary.  He has written 2 new prayers which are attached.  These are to be said after saying the rosary.

May 1st Consecration to Canada to the Blessed Virgin of Mary

Bishops have been invited to consecrate their individual dioceses and parishes to Mary, Mother of the Church on Friday, May 1, 2020, seeking her maternal intercession during the Coronavirus pandemic. Bishop Crosby, will consecrate the Diocese of Hamilton to Mary, Mother of the Church, during a Mass on Friday morning at 9:30 a.m.  Fr. Malcolm will also be consecrating St. Gregory the Great Parish to Mary, during a private mass on Friday. I have enclosed the prayer of consecration in the bulletin.  For full text of the ceremony please visit:



May 3 – 8th Catholic Education Week  ” Igniting Hope

I have attached Bishop Crosby’s letter with further resources for this year’s Catholic Education Week.

2020 Catholic Education Week Letter May 4

Bishop Crosby’s Video-Message on YouTube.

The link to the live-streaming platform for our Catholic Education Mass to be celebrated by His
Excellency, Bishop Crosby, OMI, on May 8, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. at St. Patrick Parish in Hamilton: (will only be active during Mass times)

FORMED – Each week Formed continues to provide great videos to keep the faith strong.  Take a couple of minutes and enjoy what they have to offer.  Check out the bulletin on how to register for free.


For additional updates as they become available visit our website


The Diocese of Hamilton 

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