October Update from Director Notten

Dear Waterloo Catholic Community –

We hope that you are well in body, mind and spirit. We know that can be challenging in these times but we hope that you are drawing energy from our students, and from their experience of being re-engaged in their learning and forging new friendships, while rekindling old ones. Every day we hear stories and bear witness to the good work of our staff, and we know that they are making a difference to all the students we serve. The purpose of this letter is to share a few brief updates and then offer an invitation.

October Update to WCDSB and TE Invite Oct 27th 20

Halloween Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Halloween activities will be occurring on Friday, October 30, 2020. The grade 8s will be hosting many fun-filled events for individual classes. The Grade 8 class are hoping to raise money for their Graduation festivities with a donation of $2 per student. This $2 gets your child entrance to the Halloween carnival and a snack and drink to be consumed at snack time. Handwashing will be mandatory upon entering and throughout. All activities will allow for social distancing and will be monitored/supervised during the course of the day.  To ensure your child has a happy and fun time, there are some rules and guidelines we would like for you to keep in mind when sending your child to school in a costume.

Rules & Guidelines:

  1. We really want your children to dress up, get creative and have fun with the day/activities.
  2. Covid-19 safety masks must still be worn throughout the day, and they must have it to enter the carnival.
  3. Halloween masks are not to be worn during school time, except for during the judging of the costume contest (they will be allowed to remove their Covid-19 mask for their photo).
  4. Weapons of any kind are not welcome at the school.
  5. Please be aware of the weather and outside conditions for outdoor recess.
  6. Adhere to school dress code; no bare shoulders/midriffs and shorts/skirts must cover half-way down the leg.
  7. Please keep rude words, swear words, drugs and alcohol pictures off of clothing/costumes

Week of & Day’s Festivities:

  • Pumpkin Decorating Challenge!
  • Door Decorating Challenge!
  • Halloween Costume Contest!
  • Mummify your Teacher Race!
  • Halloween Carnival in the Gym with many games, activities, and prizes!
  • There is a class prize up for grabs for participation in the weeks and day’s events!

Special Note: Please pay the $2 through School Cash Online for the cost of a drink and a snack during the Halloween Carnival! (these will be individually wrapped)

Asking for your Prayers

Hawk Families please keep in your prayers Mrs. Sarabura.

Recently Mrs. Sarabura, one of our Primary teachers, received super sad news from her doctor.  Mrs. Sarabura has been asked to take time off work to heal.  We have lit a candle and placed it on our altar and will keep it lit as it indicates our intention to say a prayer for her and her family.

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