St. Gregory’s Mass Schedule

Dear Parishioners and Visitors,

As people of faith at Saint Gregory’s Parish we are called to celebrate our God. It is during the Christmas
season that we remember a great gift; God became man to save us from sin and eternal death. The world no
longer must be a place of darkness and, as Christians who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, we are called to
spread kindness, hope, and joy wherever we go. May God bless you with His Peace and Joy during this
wonderful season.

Christmas Schedule 2020

Thank You Cambridge Bingo Center

Through partnership with the Cambridge Bingo and Gaming, we have raised $54,426.18.  Funds raised have been used to help support our books for our library / learning commons.  Continued support of Cambridge Bingo benefits us all.

2020 ………… 4,469.66

2019 ………… 11,580.05

2018 ………… 11,682.50

2017 ………… 9,573.63

2016 ………… 6,669.82

2015 …………. 4,774.39

2014 …………. 5,676.13

Total Proceeds Raised  …. 54,426.18



An Explanation of “Parents Off Our Yard Keep Kids Safe”

Dear Parent and or Guardian;

You may be wondering why the “Parents Off Our Yard Keep Kids Safe” message was placed on our boulevard sign?

Not only is it relevant to our current world circumstances however prior to our pandemic the same message has been shared in order to keep all, including your children safe.  Our policy has always been that parents drop-off and or meet/pick-up their children at our yellow gates and or the Church parking lot. During dismissal in particular, school staff assigned to supervision sweep students off our yard / playground and move with them towards our pick-up locations.

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Be Great Week Nov 16th-20th

Here’s how we are honouring Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week at St. Gregory’s.

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