“May the hearts of those who have enough

be open to filling the empty hands of those who do not have the bare necessities.”

Pope Francis

This year, the Holy Triduum affords us a unique opportunity to have the time to walk alongside Jesus on Good Friday and mourn with Him.  Our Staff mourns the loss of our ‘normal’ daily routines with our students – we miss your company and are saddened by the separation from you that we are feeling. On Holy Saturday we have found ourselves together with our families in our homes, unifying us together in prayer at His tomb amidst the unknowing of what is to come.  We don’t know when we will return to our community, this year’s prayerful observance is teaching us patience.  Today, we are awakened to the hope that Easter Sunday brings to us.  Even though we are separated by distance, as a People of Hope we are united in this celebration together.  This reassurance gives us great cause for hope.  We are all called to belong, now more than ever.  Have hope, Hawks – we will fly together again soon!

As a new week of Educator-Led Learning begins, we will be celebrating the observance of Easter Monday.  We are proud as a Staff to offer to you continued programming for class learning. Lessons for classes will be posted/sent from Tuesday to Friday.  It is our expectation that all of our students will re-engage with their learning.  We are diligently working behind the scenes to find a way to produce a final report card for you, so we encourage you to complete as many of the activities as you can and to let your teacher know how you are doing.  Please send pictures of your work or small anecdotes of your accomplishments when you can so we can celebrate together your excellence in learning.  If you are looking to practice your skills with even more activities, please visit WCDSBLearn@Home .  We simply ask that you do your very best to continue moving forward with your learning in preparation for the next grade level in September 2020.

All parents and staff are invited to join in on April 16th by following this link for information about internet safety during this time of learning programming taking place via the internet: Parent & Staff Cyber Security Webinar .

If your family is looking to purchase laptops and other technology to enhance student learning as the weeks progress, there are a number of opportunities for savings via partnerships with the WCDSB.

Located on the bottom right corner of our school web page is a link to Bring Your Own Device and Purchase Program that contains significant savings with Staples Canada.

The Connecting Families initiative has been designed to connect hundreds of thousands of low-income Canadian families to the Internet. Participating Internet Service Providers are voluntarily contributing to the initiative by offering $10 Internet service (plus tax) to eligible families who currently receive the maximum Canada Child Benefit.  There is no additional installation cost $9.99 per month not including taxes. The Federal Government sent out the letters to Families that qualified a few months ago https://www.connecting-families.ca/welcome . Families should have some documentation from the government with identification code. List of residences covered:


This initiative will also provide up to 50,000 computers to eligible families who need it most through the Government of Canada’s existing Computers for Schools program.

The RCTech OUTREACH Program  & now the Computers for Schools program (learn more about CFS), provide low income individuals with affordable ownership of quality renewed computers, ready to use software & learning modules all in one package.


Have a Blessed Easter celebration, Hawks!