Participate in campaigns and take action from home

Hey there, Hawks – if you take part in any of these challenges, please post to Twitter or let your classroom teacher know!  We are still earning points towards Eco-Schools certifications – think green!  Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing tips and suggestions on how you can participate in EcoSchools initiatives at home, like National GOOS Paper Day, The Great Gulp, and more!   Even if you miss the actual date, don’t worry, go ahead and set up a ‘virtual’ gathering to bring awareness to these great causes (ex. Challenge a friend by phone or online to the creation of an artwork from their paper recycling bin and see whose is the most colourful or set up a time to have everyone in your house drink a glass of water to raise awareness of this valuable resource).  If you are already out in the yard gardening, trimming or planting, please post pics to Twitter or let your classroom teacher know so we can record this for certification.