Important Notice:  School Closure/No Classes continuing through to May 1st ;

Classes are tentatively set to resume on Monday, May 4th 2020.


Hello Parents, Guardians, Caregivers and Community Members –

We hope this communication finds you and your families well and adjusting to these new routines.  We are sending this message to you with a genuine invitation to stay connected with our Staff while we are away from the school building.  Each member of our extended Staff team (there are 29 of us!) is working behind the scenes with your child’s Teacher to build meaningful communication during this transition to Educator-Led Learning and to do a thorough cleansing of our school building.  Your Teacher will be able to reach out to members of the extended team on your behalf to find for you the information you are seeking.  We are working together, we are planning together, we are reaching out together.  We miss you!  We are here for you!

#CalledToBelong, #ConnectedTogether

We have heard from the majority of our families but are still seeking to connect with some of our students.  With some of those communications we have identified students without access to any learning device and have prepared, sanitized and are still working to deploy one device per household for those students.  If your Classroom Teacher has been in communication with you about this, then please check School Cash Online for permission forms so we can book a time to transfer the device into your hands.  If you have any questions, please contact your Classroom Teacher directly.

Learning will be continuing and students are invited to engage in the activities that your Classroom Teacher will be providing.  Your Classroom Teacher will be letting you know which subjects will become the focus of your learning.  We invite you to do the very best you can with these activities and to keep in contact with your Classroom Teacher about your progress.

Beginning today, Monday April 6th, what the Ministry of Education is calling “Phase 2” or “Educator-Led” Learning will commence at WCDSB.  St. Gregory CES will continue to be closed but learning will continue – involving a combination of distance learning tools for students.  Teachers will provide curriculum-focused learning materials for your children through online platforms (Google Classroom).  The resources on this site can supplement and support that Educator-led learning.  You may not need all of these resources, but if you find yourself needing assistance with creating a positive learning environment for your children, we hope they can provide some assistance.

The Ministry has set the following guideline expectations for learning.  The “hours” refer to the approximate amount of time students would spend on work assigned them by their teacher.  Teacher engagement with students would vary depending on circumstances and could include a range of ways that teachers would connect with their students.

Grade Range

K-Grade 3

  • 5 hours of work per student per week
  • Focus: Literacy and Math

Grades 4-6

  • 5 hours of work per student per week
  • Focus: Literacy and math + science and social studies

Grades 7-8

  • 10 hours of work per student per week
  • Focus: Core math, literacy, science and social studies

Important Dates

To Be Rebooked          Graduation Photos [SK & Gr8] & Siblings – Edge Imaging

April 10                        Good Friday – no lessons posted

April 13                        Easter Monday – no lessons posted

To Be Rebooked          First Holy Communion Retreat/Seder/Rehearsal [Gr2]

To Be Rebooked          First Holy Communion[Gr2]


His Excellency, Bishop Crosby, has been in touch with our parish community to announce that all Sacraments have been cancelled.  Once we have heard further news, we will post updated information.  The observance of Lent is continuing with an invitation from Pope Francis into a renewed relationship with Jesus.  Let us commit to building a better world together.


Our school playground is currently closed.


All of our perishable & non-perishable food has successfully been transferred out of our school to the Cambridge Foodbank – a huge thank you to Julie Silva for her leadership to ensure our families in need are able to make good use of this food.  If you would like to help volunteer with the Breakfast program once the school re-opens to ensure everything is ready to go for our return, please contact Jacquie Wettlaufer .  Nutrition for Learning is continuing food distribution to our families via neighbourhood ‘pop up snacks’.  Schedules/locations can be access via .  All are invited to engage with this vital service.

Response to COVID-19 Closing of SCHOOLS
to ensure access of healthy food and snacks for hungry children

In response to COVID 19 on our school community who cannot access student nutrition at schools while they are closed Nutrition for Learning has responded by delivering food to various school locations in Waterloo Region to ensure students can continue to be able to access essential nutritious snacks and food items while schools are closed.  Each morning starting at time and location to be posted on the Nutrition for Learning website and social media channels our Nutrition for Learning vehicles have been providing free nutritious snacks.



Thursday April 9


GOOD FRIDAY and EASTER MONDAY no deliveries so we will be filling the bags with more items today.

Route 1

Stewart Ave Public School 9 am
Chalmers Street Public School 9:30 am
St. Vincent de Paul School 10 am
Monsignor Doyle Secondary School 10:30 am
Central Public School 11 am
St. Andrews School 11:30 am
Southwood Secondary School 12 noon

Route 2

Christ the King Catholic School 9 am
Clemons Mill School 9:30 am
Elgin Street Public School 10 am
Manchester Public School 10:30 am
St Anne-Cambridge School 11 am


The Cambridge Gaming Center is currently closed.  If you would like to be a BINGO volunteer, after the center reopens, this is an invitation to complete an Online Training Module.  Typically, St. Gregory CES hosted sessions are on Friday afternoons (12:00 – 3:00pm).  Please contact Jacquie Wettlaufer to gain access to this online training.  Once complete and the center reopens, you will be contacted for ‘on the floor’ shadowing to build your volunteer skills.



April Umbrella Skill Focus:  Self-Efficacy

What is self efficacy? How does to help us?

The easiest way to think about self-efficacy is as our “I can do this” or “I cannot do this” skill. It’s the belief in our ability to succeed or manage situations. As you can imagine, self-efficacy has dramatic effects on behaviour, effort, learning and achievement.  If we don’t think we can do something, we are unlikely to give the task a lot of our time and energy and we are therefore unlikely to succeed at that task.  Self-efficacy is a big part of our motivation and this skill gets stronger the more we overcome difficulties and challenges related to our goals. As our self-efficacy increases, we feel a greater sense of positive control over our lives which is a critical part of our wellbeing!

Our engagement in Ecoschools is continuing.  We are on track for certification this year, however, we need to hear from our families if any of the challenges presented on the website are being done.  We get points when you try out some of these challenges – when we hear from you, we record your engagement in these home-based events on web portal.  As you care for your gardens at home, reduce garbage and increase recycling/composting, decrease electrical/energy use or monitor and improve the efficiency of water usage in your home, your efforts are truly appreciated – please let us know!  Send photos and/or small explanations to your Classroom Teacher.