Hello St. Gregory Families – as you know, our teachers have been working diligently to make contact with you and ask about your technology needs.  We are ready for the first round of deployment of devices.  For those families that have been identified in this round, Mrs. Barry sent out a form for you to sign off on School Cash Online.  This form must be acknowledged on SCO electronically before we can contact to you to make arrangements for a learning device.  Please check your SCO account to see if there is a message there waiting for your acknowledgement.  If you do not have SCO access, then please email Mrs. Barry to obtain a copy of the permission form, print/sign the form, take a scan or photo of it and email it back to Mrs. Barry.  Once the form is completed a teacher will be in touch to make an appointment for you to pick up the device at the school.  The teacher will be giving you specific steps to follow to have this happen in the safest, healthiest way according to Region of Waterloo Public Health Guidelines.  Please do not call the school.  Please do not try to access/enter the school.  Please make contact with your classroom teacher if you have any questions on the process.  For now, we are ensuring that every home has 1 learning device available in total.  Thank you for your patience.  There will be more deployments of devices to come, this is simply round #1.